Los Laureles offers:

  • Starting and training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mobile Therapies
  • Lay-up
  • Conditioning
  • Sales Prep
  • Retirement
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (coming soon)

"Carlos has been the farm trainer of my horses for 5 years, and I am extraordinarily pleased with the way he prepares them for the racetrack. He has done it all for me: breaking/training the yearlings, training the 2 year olds, and rehabbing those that have been injured. The horses arrive at the racetrack very fit and ready to perform. He doesn’t cut corners, he is patient, but he gets the most out of the horses he works with because he expects the most out of them.

Carlos is a true horseman, is hands on, and he tailors an individual fitness program for each horse in his care. My trainers at the track have remarked to me that Carlos gives them a very well-prepared horse, both mentally and physically. I would highly recommend Carlos to any owner that wants their horses to arrive at the track fit and ready for racetrack life."
Sue White, TB Owner



• 3/4 mile track
• Starting Gate
• Trail and hill work
• Euro-walkers
• Covered round pens
• Turn-outs
• Underwater treadmill
• Vibration Floor Therapy
• Triple Crown Feeds
• Platinum feed supplements

Carlos Cabello uses new and innovative methods to develop the young Thoroughbred. Carlos personally cares for each and every horse, using his patient approach to design an individualized program for each horse. Many of his horses are cross trained in the underwater treadmill as well as trail and hill work. This cross training method helps decrease the amount of strain on the lower legs as well as increases muscular strength to help support the joints. These young Thoroughbreds arrive at the track fit, relaxed and ready to go!

Los Laureles believes in a natural approach to developing the TB athlete. From our 750 acres of turnouts in all sizes, plenty of sunshine, trails and a very caring trainer, these young athletes are given the best chance for success.

Race Recovery

As Los Laureles, we offer an all-encompassing Race Recovery program. Our cold compression therapy, underwater treadmill and cold salt water spa (in design), helps to increase the rate of recovery as well as keep your horse fit between races. We also offer daily turnouts to help your horse relax and decompress between races. The young TB will return to the track relaxed with less chances of injury.

Contact Carlos Cabello 805.712.1401

9000 Creston Rd. Paso Robles | 1799 Templeton Rd. Templeton



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